My current research interests are in the emerging area of computational topology. Recent projects include the analysis of human speech data via persistent homology techniques, and refining various theoretical results about multi-dimensional persistence. Also, in collaboration with Henry King and Neza Mramor, I have done work in discrete Morse theory. We have developed algorithms to generate discrete Morse functions from point cloud data and to study birth-death phenomena in families of discrete Morse functions.

My original research area was the study of the homology of linear groups. I did a great deal of work in this field, beginning with the calculation of the homology of the special linear group over various polynomial rings, including coordinate rings of elliptic curves. The latter result led to an interesting theorem about the second K-group of elliptic curves. However, my primary focus was on attempts to prove the Friedlander-Milnor conjecture, which relates the cohomology of the discrete group of k-rational points of a reductive algebraic group to the etale cohomology of the simplicial classifying scheme of the group. Joint work with Mark Walker establishes a link between this problem and algebraic cycles, thereby putting the problem in a motivic context.

I have also done some work on miscellaneous problems in topology. I have studied Deligne's notion of relative completion for linear groups over several types of rings. I have also studied the Gassner representation of the pure braid group, obtaining information about the size of the kernel. My full publication list, broken down by area, is shown below.


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Miscellaneous Topology Papers

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pedagogical math papers

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